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It turns out nobody is safe from the dark web

It turns out nobody is safe from the dark web

18 Aug 2019

I, like millions of others, have always surfed the web with only a cursory thought to security and safety. Knowing I’ve downloaded a free antivirus software has always felt like it would most likely do the trick, and I’ve become adept at supressing any niggling thoughts that it probably isn’t really enough by telling myself that data breaches and things like that only happen to other people, and my data wouldn’t be of interest anyway. It turns out that I couldn’t have been more wrong – my data is of great interest to identity fraudsters and hackers.

After seeing the PrivacyDefence app I began to think a little more about the sinister world of the dark web and my own security. After all I do get an alarming amount of spam mail, generally just dismissing it as irritating.

But after deciding to give PrivacyDefence a whirl, within hours I’d had an alert pop up on my phone that MY personal information was being traded on the dark web! Shocked and a little terrified I dived into the app to find out more. I have several email addresses and it turned out that almost all of them had suffered a data breach. For me it was via the LinkedIn data hack, and an old MySpace account I’d forgotten I even had. By this stage I was just glad that at least it wasn't my bank details.

I spoke to an Assisted Restoration specialist who talked me through the next steps and how to get my data back on track and now I can feel a lot more confident that my info is back where it should – in only my possession, and also comforted to know that if my data does surface again online, PrivacyDefence will be on hand to pick it up and alert me. 

Jamie Smith, LegalShield UK Digital Content & Communications Manager