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Join the Our Law movement

Join The Our Law Movement

16 Aug 2019

Here at LegalShield we feel strongly that in the UK the law feels too far from our grasp. We’ve forgotten that not only does the law belong to us, but we’ve forgotten that we have a right to its protection.

That’s why we have begun the Our Law movement. This movement serves to educate and remind people in the UK that getting legal protection isn’t only the domain of the wealthy, but can and should be something we can all access.

It’s a very British thing to complain but to not actively defend our rights through fear of spiralling costs and a lack of confidence and knowledge of how the legal system works.

But the #OurLaw campaign is about empowerment, created to support those that find a strength in numbers, and to be in a ‘safe space’ where your opinion and voice is heard and valued.

Why not become the go-to person in your community? Be able to point your neighbours, family and friends in the right direction when they’ve run into legal difficulties, whether it be a case of fraud or issues around moving house, right through to a delayed flight or buying a faulty electrical good.

Share your positive stories of the law, or let us know about those times where you have felt let down by the inaccessibility of the law online – we want to hear about it, just use #OurLaw.

So get out there, start a conversation, join the movement and be the change you want to see in the world!