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Miked up by Mike Roberts, Managing Director of LegalShield UK

Miked up by Mike Roberts, Managing Director of LegalShield UK

18 Aug 2019

When I talked to friends about our new consumer legal service and said that it would be available all year round 24/7, they begged the question: why would you need to have 365 day access to a legal advice service?

It was a very fair point and it’s actually one of the main reasons why we’ve launched LegalDefence in conjunction with national law firm Slater and Gordon, which is to give everyone access to legal advice, whatever they need it for and whenever they need it.

It’s so easy to think you only need advice for all those planned things in life such as writing a will or buying a house. But there’s also a whole host of unplanned events when we might need legal assistance, from having a dispute with a neighbour to getting money back on goods that you’re not happy with.

Just jot down what you got up to last year and it will surprise you how many situations you will have come across over just 12 months where you think you could have benefitted from legal assistance. 

For example, if you went on holiday and experienced flight delays, had a prang in the car, had to update a will, tripped over a paving slab, had to return a faulty consumer item, got into knots over ending a phone agreement, had unexpected damage to your property by over enthusiastic building work next door - the list is truly endless. 

Many of these issues you just let go of because getting good legal advice can be time consuming and costly - it needn’t be.  Everyone should be able to access high quality legal advice at a reasonable cost, and then life would be a lot less stressful.