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The most important love letter you’ll ever write

The most important love letter you’ll ever write

18 Aug 2019

Writing and leaving a Will means something different to everyone, and brings with it the whole spectrum of emotions, challenges and technicalities.

Here at LegalShield we like to think of it as the most important love letter that you’ll ever write.

So often the thought of leaving your loved ones behind can be too painful to even contemplate, or facing your own mortality can be too scary to consider. But writing a meaningful letter to those people who matter most to you is an opportunity that can be embraced and will remove the nightmare of a legal battle once you’re gone, because a surviving spouse does not necessarily inherit everything if there is no Will in place.

If you’re a LegalDefence Member you’re entitled to fixed price wills from just £100, significantly less than you would expect to pay elsewhere. It just offers a peace of mind that is invaluable, both to you and your family.

It doesn’t need to be stressful, we’ll help you to write that lasting love letter.

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