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Parking Fines on the App

N.I.P. parking fines in the bud

18 Aug 2019

So often with anything to do with the law, it is the waiting and the unknown that is the most frustrating part.

The legal process can move very slowly and the wait for any clarity can be excruciating! Never more so than with parking fines, speeding tickets or anything to do with vehicle or traffic violations.

One of the best features of the LegalDefence App is the ability to communicate directly with a legal professional on matters such as this, so you can know right from the off if you have a case to push back on.

Once you become a LegalDefence Member, which costs just £24 a month or £19 if you join through an Associate, you can login in to the app which has some great features and connects you with our partners Slater and Gordon. If you have a speeding fine or a Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP) you can just snap a photo of the ticket and send it directly though the app to Slater and Gordon.

You will then receive a call back within just 24 hours with advice on the best course of action to take. Imagine cutting down weeks of waiting to getting clarity one way or the other within just 24 hours! Removing the worry of not paying within the allocated time as you wait to hear back on an appeal, or the uncertainty of not knowing where you stand. Now THAT is a way to give yourself peace of mind and remove unnecessary anxiety and worry.

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