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The LegalShield UK Side Hustle

A quarter of UK adults now have a side hustle

19 Sep 2019

Have you ever considered supplementing your monthly salary with another source of income?

A recent study by Henley Business School found that a quarter of people in the UK are now running at least one business project, or ‘side hustle’ alongside their main day job, so what's stopping you from becoming one of the millions following their passions?

Becoming a LegalShield UK Associate presents the perfect opportunity to join the 25% of Brits in building a side earner, one that could even develop to become your full-time job – all from the comfort of your own home!

The study actually found that those who have built their own side project feel happier and more content in their main role, with 69% saying that it makes life feel more interesting.

With LegalShield you get out what you put in, so you could view as a business designed to help you pay off credit card debts or student loans, or you could view it as a long term career choice that allows you more freedom and flexibility than you are ever likely to find in a typical day job.

Not only that but by joining the LegalShield family, you are joining a movement seeking to have a positive impact on people’s lives by empowering and protecting them. What’s more you won’t have a garage full of inventory, all you need to do is get your Business Builder Kit, LegalDefence & PrivacyDefence Memberships and you’re ready to start earning right away!

So ask yourself - are you ready for a change? To make a difference? Are you feeling disruptive? To find out more on Becoming an Associate and becoming your own boss click here.