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Access a wide selection of ready-to-use Legal Letter Templates through your Legal Team.  They are designed to help you to find a swift resolution to a specific legal situation.  Simply download and personalise

If the matter does not resolve through sending a letter, Members can contact their solicitor who will write a letter or make a telephone call on their behalf




Letter cancelling a contract service
Letter inviting the Financial Ombudsman to intervene in a dispute
Letter of claim (Ltd Co to Ltd Co)
Letter of claim for negligent repairs
Letter of claim for negligent workmanship
Letter of complaint to private seller regarding goods
Letter requesting compensation for a cancelled flight
Letter requesting replacement or refund for faulty goods
Letter to a company with a complaint
Letter to dispute bill
Letter to FOS to intervene in dispute with insurance company
PAP Letter - Debt
PAP Letter - Limited Company to individual

Driving Offences

Letter contesting a parking ticket
Letter to court
Letter to Police responding to allegations


Formal complaint letter - local authority
Formal complaint letter


Letter alleging breach of contract
Letter notifying of an intention to issue ET proceedings
Letter raising a grievance at work
Letter to employer regarding approach to ACAS


Letter regarding finances and assets
Letter regarding home ownership
Letter regarding relationship breakdown mediation
Letter requesting a character reference
Letter to partner
Parenting agreement



Complaining about a mis-sold mortgage
Letter of objection - planning
Letter of support - planning
Letter to Land Registry requesting Title Deeds or documents
Letter to neighbour - easement (by Grant)
Letter to property developer regarding new build

Complaint letter to landlord regarding tenant
Formal boundary dispute letter
Formal letter to neighbour
Letter to landlord seeking repairs
Neighbour dispute
Noisy neighbour dispute
Notice of severance of joint tenancy
Notice to terminate lease
Service of a statutory notice under Section 8 of the Housing Act 1988
Service of an eviction notice for breach or rent arrears

Generic letter to executor or administrator
Generic letter to solicitor giving instructions
Initial letter to bank notifying of deceased
Initial letter to credit card provider notifying of deceased
Initial letter to DWP notifying of deceased
Initial letter to investment company notifying of deceased
Initial letter to life policy provider notifying of deceased
Initial letter to loan provider notifying of deceased
Initial letter to mortgage provider notifying of deceased
Initial letter to telephone provider notifying of deceased
Initial letter to utility provider notifying of deceased
Letter to court regarding lost documents or request for information


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