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Legal Support

For Your Whole Family

Don’t wait for legal issues to arise before getting legal help for you and your family. You could pay from £19 per month and have access to a friendly Legal Advice Team 24/7, year round, to advise you about whatever you want, whenever you want! You receive a significant cost saving of 25% off professional legal fees.


Gordon's tip

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Buying a car privately

Be aware! In circumstances when purchasing a car privately be mindful of any “buyer beware” clauses. Want to know more? Just click on the Ask Gordon chatbot and type Buying a car!

In Life Law Happens

Our lives are busy enough without legal complications, but in life law does happen. With LegalDefence membership you can have peace of mind of having your own legal team behind through all areas of your life’s events. LegalDefence is the affordable way to take control of your legal matters, so you can focus on the things that matter most. Watch this video to see all the ways that our team of highly trained legal professionals can help you.


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Get Support In three Simple Steps

It’s that easy.

Contact Your Legal Team

Need advice or assistance? Call Slater and Gordon from the LegalDefence mobile app for direct access to your Legal Advice Team from your fingertips.

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Consult With A Solicitor

Call the Hotline to your Legal Team from the LegalDefence mobile app and you will be connected within seconds to Slater and Gordon. If necessary, an experienced solicitor will call you back within 24 hours.

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Take Action

Armed with the advice you need, you can have your solicitor review your legal document, and more.

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Do you know anyone who would benefit from this product? Find out more about the earning opportunities with LegalShield