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Darnell Self

Get inspired by a live webinar with Darnell Self

19 Sep 2019

Having been instrumental in changing the legacies of hundreds of thousands of families across North America, one of the most successful LegalShield Associates will be joining us on Wednesday 26 June to share his story.

We are incredibly lucky to have Darnell Self join us to share his inspiring story and provide both existing UK Associates and those interested in getting involved with some motivation, inspiration and meaningful steps to help you on your own personal journey.

You can join the event here

Darnell has become something of a legend in the direct selling industry. In just over a decade, the system he implemented has produced 21 millionaires and his business leadership has been hailed by the National Black Chamber of Commerce (NBCC), the largest minority-business entity in the world. He has twice been recognised by the NBCC with the National Entrepreneur of the Year Award, while also appearing on television networks such as FOX and TBN.

A big part of Darnell’s success has been his leadership, and he has built a direct selling team of nearly 300,000 people, and has sat on the Executive Advisory Board of LegalShield, and 2014 made history by being appointed the first Executive Vice President in LegalShield’s 40 year existence. His approach is one of encouraging audiences to tap into their purpose while empowering themselves to create generational wealth. He focuses on culture building and personal development.

Each year he donates over six figures to charity, and has teamed up with others to create a non-profit organisation that has helped with the likes of Haiti Relief, fed villages in the Dominican Republic and supported the construction of a school in Guatemala. His is the story of someone who started with big dreams and never stopped pursuing them, no matter the challenges along the way.

Darnell Self escaped the ordinary with his LegalShield business - and so can you!

The live webinar with Darnell will take place on 26 June – put this one-time event in your calendar and make sure your device is ready to do Zoom calls.