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Top lawyers at everyone’s fingertips

Top lawyers at everyone’s fingertips

18 Aug 2019

New service to revolutionise legal advice


  • End of big bills and hidden costs

  • Team of highly qualified lawyers in your pocket 24/7

A new service that is set to transform the legal sector is making some of the country’s top lawyers available 24 hours a day and at a fraction of the usual price.

Members of LegalDefence, can make unlimited calls for legal advice to help them with everyday problems, from difficulties in returning goods and motoring offences to problem bosses and separating from a partner.

The subscription-based service is run by US legal service mobile app giant LegalShield, who have joined forces with leading UK national consumer law firm Slater and Gordon to offer the wide-ranging advice for just £24 a month, equivalent to 80p a day.

LegalShield has already attracted 1.75m members to its subscription-based service in North America and Canada. Jeff Bell, the company’s chief executive held senior executive roles with Ford, Chrysler and Microsoft before moving to head up LegalShield in 2014.  

He says: “We know that in life, law happens, so think of us like the Netflix or the RAC for the legal sector. Consumers see real benefits from paying subscription fees to services that they value and can call on again and again. We are bringing this popular model to the legal sector, making a long-term partnership that provides affordable, quality legal advice accessible to all.   

“Whether you are buying a house, need to prepare your will, or have a dispute with your neighbour, the cost shouldn’t prevent you from getting proper legal advice. But far too many people in the UK do not have a lawyer to fight in their corner because they think they cannot afford it.

“I think that’s a travesty, and it’s why we’re bringing LegalDefence to England and Wales. Everyone, no matter who they are, will have a team of dedicated, top quality solicitors at their fingertips. This is a membership and mobile app that you should not live without.   We provide affordable, 24/7 accessible, and responsive legal services for every citizen.”

Research conducted by Morar HPI for LegalShield shows that people are increasingly avoiding getting legal advice, even when they think they may need it. The findings showed that nearly 7 people in 10 have recently experienced a situation that could require legal support, but less than half of these actually took legal advice. When asked, 75% of respondents said they would consider asking a solicitor’s advice if the service was affordable. With recent annual statistics showing more than 102,000 divorces, 2.2m speeding offences, 1.2m property transactions, 18,500 bicycle accidents and 60% of Brits without a will, there is a clear need for more professional legal support for those who need it most.

Members of LegalDefence will be able to tap into advice from a team of qualified legal advisers via their smartphones on a broad range of issues, access self-help legal documents and template letters and benefit from correspondence produced by a highly qualified lawyer. Members can also take advantage of significant discounts on wills, conveyancing and re-mortgaging, as well as benefitting from a further exclusive 25% discount on more complex legal matters requiring specialist support.

Mike Roberts, Managing Director of LegalShield UK, added: “Our research highlights that people are reluctant to take legal advice on everyday issues because of the costs involved. Preventing access to justice in this way is just unacceptable in this day and age.  

“Our service is all about making legal advice for consumers affordable, accessible and accountable.  By combining the power of technology with high level legal expertise from Slater and Gordon, we are giving everyone the sort of legal firepower that, until now has only been available to a select few. You’ll have a dedicated call hotline to a team of legal experts about whatever you need, whenever you need it.”

The benefits of membership cover the whole family.  They extend to the member’s spouse/partner, dependent children under the age of 16 and children in full time education up to the age of 23 living at the same residence. It also covers children with disabilities at any age living at home.

Says Martyn Beauchamp, Chief Customer Officer at Slater and Gordon: “Innovating through technology and progressive partnerships is a key part of our strategy to transform the way UK customers use legal services. Our partnership with LegalShield increases access to justice at a fair price and means we can offer UK customers an unrivalled level of choice and convenience – all from the palm of their hand.”